The new Fox show, The Masked Singer, has captivated audiences as fans sitting at home are left guessing, “Who is behind the mask?”  

Nick Cannon hosts the latest celebrity game show that has celebrities dressing up in animal costumes to perform a song of their choice. Before their performance, the celebrities also give clues to the audience on their identity. The first episode featured performances by a Lion, Unicorn, Monster, Deer, Peacock, and a Hippo, who was revealed to be (former?) Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

While the other identities have not yet been revealed, we are prepared to take a crack at one of them! The Unicorn captivated our attention with a rendition of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Now, we are putting on our Scooby Doo hats and trying to find the clues to solve this mystery. 

Who is the Unicorn on The Masked Singer?

The Unicorn gave us a few clues before her big performance. And yes, by the voice, we can tell the mysterious identity must be a female celeb. She revealed that she grew up in an affluent neighborhood, saying: “My childhood should’ve been magical. I grew up in one of the richest neighborhoods,” to which panelist Jenny McCarthy commented, “Beverly Hills.” 

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