So, who is Jazz’s “girlfriend” Victoria?

After they were initially introduced at the end of Season 4 by a mutual friend, Jazz worked up the courage to ask Victoria out on a date in Episode 6. “Yo, I did it! I asked Victoria out on a date and she said YES! Can’t wait to see what happens…” Jazz tweeted at the time. The two ended up going on a super cute Florida adventure, with Victoria being totally accepting of Jazz’s transition. “Being pansexual, literally nothing matters,” she said when Jazz asked her if it would be weird to date someone trans.

But somewhere along the line, Victoria seems to have ghosted Jazz, like, completely. Because it’s 2019 and they’re teens, I guess it’s par for the course. “We don’t really talk anymore,” Jazz tells a friend in last week’s episode. “I just don’t think she was that interested in me maybe, or, I don’t know why it never worked out.”

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