Back in 2001, while performing at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil, Britney Spears was angry at how the venue was handling the show. With her mic still on, Britney unleashed an expletive-laden rant that was captured for all to hear. “Don’t tell me they’re just letting the audience f–king stand out there  like that,” she said before the show, not knowing she was being recorded. “Oh my God … Let’s hurry y’all, seriously. This is ret–ded. They told me they were going to do a vamp.” 

“Vamp” is a stage term for music that plays before a performer enters the stage.

“Oh, s–t, oh, no, what are they doing!?” she shouted. “Oh, my pants are too short, I grew, I thought they were going to … I know, I’m not just going to stand out there, I thought they were going to f–king vamp! OK, thanks. This is ret–ded.” 

Funnily enough, her “hot mic” gaffe was scandalous at the time not because she said the “r” word but because she cursed. Oops! … Britney Said a Bad Word” ABC reported back then. Simpler times, huh?

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