In a Twitter thread that recently went viral, self-proclaimed “internet science guy” Abdul gave a hater a run for their money. It began when Michael, seemingly unprompted, lashed out at Abdul for his race.

Abdul undoubtedly got the last laugh when he posted their exchange with the caption, “My favorite thing in the world is responding to my hateful messages and seeing how fast I can change their mood.”

Instead of ignoring the message to go back where he came from, Abdul exercised some compassion. He complimented Michael’s avatar and even asked for self-care tips, specifically how he could go about getting teeth as white as his troll’s. 

Taken aback and probably even a little dismayed that he wasn’t about to get the explosive argument he might have been looking for, Michael immediately apologized for the way he acted, saying he’s “pretty nice usually” and just “a lil sick rn.”

Is racism a side effect of the common cold? I thought that was just something you could catch from Ambien.

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