As expected, RHOA fans are divided between #TeamKandi and #TeamPorsha. “I really want to see how Porsha getting kicked out was Kandi’s fault. Porsha playing victim again,” one viewer tweeted. Another disagreed, adding, “I honestly feel like Kandi and Todd invited Porsha to the party JUST to put her out and embarrass her!” 

A third chimed in, “Just seems like another setup. Like when Kandi insisted that Don Juan send Porsha an invite to her Essence party. Just to ignore her, make her uncomfortable and have Todd call her out. Then make a whole song about her.”

Porsha does have a history of being violent… 

During the Season  6 reunion, Porsha attacked her on-screen rival Kenya Moore and was charged with misdemeanor assault. There was also a physical altercation between Porsha and Cynthia Bailey during a Season 8 girls’ trip on Lake Lanier. 

And who could forget about Porsha’s role in the infamous “drugging and sex dungeon” rumor involving Kandi and Todd that ultimately got Phaedra Parks fired from the Bravo series? 

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