So, how did Wyley get pregnant?

“This pregnancy was definitely not planned, absolutely not,” says Wyley in Extreme Love‘s trailer. After many years of feeling “uncomfortable” in his “female-born body,” Wyley began his transition in 2012. “I identify as a transgender male,” he tells the camera. “I could finally be my true self of who I wanted to be and who I wanted to become as a man.”

“Everybody that I’ve dated in the past, they haven’t accepted me for who I was,” Wyley reveals. But with Stephan, things were different from the get-go: “Stephan knew right off the bat that I was a transgender male.” 

And it was during his transition that Wyley became pregnant. Although he had top surgery in 2013, he hasn’t yet gotten operated down there. “It was a question,” Stephan opens up. “Can you get pregnant?” 

But the couple discussed Wyley’s hormonal treatment and went over what he had been told by his doctors — essentially, that he couldn’t get pregnant on testosterone. That’s what the couple “believed to be truth,” Stephan shares.

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