Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors, which might be a confusing statement from anyone who’s judging his talent from the current crop of straight-to-streaming titles starring the Oscar-winning actor on Netflix.

First off: the man decides to go and change his name from Nicolas Coppola — yes that Coppola — so he could get by on just his talent in Hollywood. I’m sure people still knew who he was, but it’s a cool move nonetheless, especially because he named himself after then-obscure Marvel hero Luke Cage.

I also love him because his career’s been through a crazy number of ups and downs. There was a time when you needed Nic Cage in your action film if you wanted it to make any money. He won an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas and earned another nomination for Adaptation where he played two roles, acted opposite Meryl Streep and held his own. 

But then there’s the other reason I love him: his horrible, horrible films. Films that someone with his cinema “pedigree” should have no business touching. Films that give straight-to-Netflix a bad name. Films that you’d find in the bottom barrel of a hidden barrel at a Wal-Mart bargain bin.

You might ask why such a commercially successful actor would do all of these movies. It doesn’t hurt that Cage loves acting and said as much in his Leaving Las Vegas Oscar acceptance speech, but the man also needs money. He spends a lot, and items like fossilized dinosaur eggs and gas for his Ferrari Enzo don’t come cheap. And the result is unwatchable movies like these.

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