If anything, I think she should follow the advice she wrote on her own blog a few months ago, in a post called “Dealing with a Petty Ex.” Honestly, it feels like she wrote it for her future self. 

“I’ve been blessed to walk away from 80 percent of my relationships on good terms….[but] the other 20 percent have made it their mission to make my life a living hell. Ironically, they broke up with me but yet are the petty ones,” she begins. Yes, this is all resonating.

Maya continues, “One thing that I have learned and mastered, is that other people’s opinions of you are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. So what if someone thinks you’re crazy, petty, a liar, unstable, etc, if you know the truth, so the f–k what?”

It seems like she’s really managed to take her own advice to heart and is now living her best life. The blog post ends with the following wise words: “So all in all, f–k what other people have to say about you. Their opinions don’t pay your bills, put gas in your car, cuddle you at night, feed you, so why care about them? The best way to be petty is to glow the f–k up and make your ex and his hater friends hate you more!” Preach!!! 

See what happens with Maya and whether Kareem gets kicked out (fingers crossed) tonight and on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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