To make matters more complicated, Tayshia and Chase went on vacation to the Bahamas together this past September, just days before filming started on Colton’s season.

While the couple did not share any photos together on social media, when a follower commented “Missing a hot gf next to,” Chase responded, “Oh she was there no doubt.” Plus, they both shared selfies from the same location around the same time. Coincidence? 

“Just thought I’d present what was given to me, and for you to make your own decision, which I’m sure will go like this: People who already have it in their head that they like Tayshia even though they’ve never heard her speak, act, walk, talk, handle herself on the show, etc will just say it’s nothing serious and she can do what she wants,” RS wrote of the Tayshia’s secret. “Those who were indifferent or already didn’t like her for whatever reason will have some more ammo against her. I don’t care either way.” 

Die-hard fans also did their own digging and found even more photos of the couple, which they shared on reddit. While some could understand why Tayshia would seemingly end a relationship to appear on reality television, others think that Tayshia made a big mistake of dumping her model boyfriend for Colton. 

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