Then there was this other guy who thought he was so sly to pick a password no one would have thought of, only to have the tech support guy laugh in his face. 

But the sorrows of password fails seem to have followed some other people past their childhood and tweens, into their high school days. Take this sophomore who was trying to log into her computer account.

“When I was a sophomore in HS I forgot my school login password and had to ask the lady at the library to pull it up,” she shared on Twitter. “When she did she looked at me, didn’t say anything and turned the screen towards me and said ‘is this it?’ My password was jackass1. I just nodded and walked away.”

Sounds like it wasn’t the librarian’s first rodeo. Honestly, I can’t imagine all the things librarians witness, just from recalling memories of the trouble my classmates would get into every time we had a period of study hall.

Another prevalent fave is the first time we learned the F-bomb as kids, and all the ways we tried to throw the word around whenever we got the chance. Kind of. Until guilt got the better of us.

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