And although the two keep busy with their Bondi Beach getaway, mom Babe is something of a multitasker and has dipped her toes in several projects aside from her ventures in hospitality. 

In fact, Babe — who calls herself “the real housewife of Hall Street” — is something of a prolific author, with three books under her belt to date. Man Candy and Cupcakes, The Lazy Hostess and Delicious Dating cover cupcake recipes, stress-free hosting and “what you can tell about a man’s bedroom style from his dining style,” according to her site.

Kind of surprisingly, she hasn’t yet penned a dedication to her favorite cocktail, the margarita, though she seemingly forces her guests to enjoy the drink, if her episode (and picture above) was any indication. She’s decently active on social media and won’t miss any opportunity to dazzle followers with topless men eye candy. Check out her Instagram feed here.

As for her daughter, the 21-year-old is surprisingly quiet on the ‘gram, despite what a loud gossip she was on the show. She seems to enjoy travel and selfies (who doesn’t) and of the 40 people she follows, her mom didn’t seem to even make the cut.

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