Whitney and Buddy’s relationship explained…

Another major plot twist on Season 6 is Whitney’s kiss with her longtime friend, Buddy. Last season, Buddy checked into rehab to deal with his cocaine addiction, and broke up with his girlfriend, and Whitney’s friend, Heather Sykes. 

“There really isn’t a word for it, to be honest. When I kiss Buddy it’s always weird,” she told Newsweek. “There’s always a weirdness from being friends with him. But I think that sometimes people have a chemistry that’s just there. I’m just gonna have to say, if I pick one word, I’m still gonna say weird.” 

Buddy is also supportive of Whitney’s decision to adopt — even if her friends and family are not. As expected, fans would love to see Whitney and Buddy finally couple up. 

“I have ALWAYS wanted you and Buddy to finally get together because it is so plain to see that u both have chemistry and both are attracted to the other,” one follower commented on social media while another added, “Happiness… he is and has been your guy!” 

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