No millennial can forget the insane exploits of the Jackass cast in the early 2000s — and their movies that followed. Well, MTV’s next generation of viewers are being introduced to a new group of friends that choose to perform death-defying stunts for comedic pleasure in a new show titled Too Stupid to Die. Fans will watch as this group tackles insane stunts, pranks, and just overall crazy antics. 

A press release for the MTV show states, “In the debut episodes, viewers are introduced to rural Indiana where this amateur stunt crew has nothing better to do with their time than take rat traps to the face, dodge golf carts, set off explosives, practice public archery and open a dangerous kissing booth, just for starters.”

So, who is this new group of reality daredevils, and how can you follow them on Instagram? Read through to find out all about the cast of Too Stupid to Die:

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