Even if you’re a die-hard This Is Us fan like us, we wouldn’t be surprised if you struggled to come up with what exactly Toby does for a living. Sure, he surprises Kate at her weight loss camp and all the Pearson family gatherings, but what does he do from 9 to 5? 

Don’t worry if you can’t name his job, you’re definitely not alone. “What kind of job does Toby have? Cause we never see him working. How do they realistically pay their bills?” one fan recently tweeted. Another added, “What do Toby and Kate do for a living? I feel like they’re always home lol. Kate does gigs from now and then, but that alone pays a mortgage in LA?” 

So we decided to round up all the career fields the characters on the NBC series follow — so next time the question comes up, you won’t hesitate to answer. And yes, he does have a real job! 

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