Before she became the highest paid supermodel in the world, Gisele was shockingly called “ugly” by her classmates who nicknamed her “saracura” because she was skinny like a bird.

“She was skinny and toothy, and walked with a curved back, not pretty at all,” Cezar Oliveira, a former classmate, told The Daily Mail. “Her sisters were much more attractive than her, so she’d get ignored by the boys.”

When Gisele started entering modeling competitions, her classmates teased her and said the only job she could book was one advertising broomsticks. Gisele’s response to all the name-calling? “One day I’ll be famous, then you’ll see.”

“She was always telling us that,” her classmate Alessandro Bogado said. “It was exactly what happened. I think you can say that she had the last laugh.”

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