Stylist June Ambrose was tasked with creating Missy Elliot’s inflatable ensemble in “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” vid, wanting something to challenge the default “sexy” look for women in hip-hop. “For me it was about wanting to create this dichotomy between what females in hip-hop looked like,” Ambrose told Elle Magazine in 2017. “We could’ve played Missy as a curvy, full-figured, sexy hip-hop female rapper. But we didn’t need permission to adjust how we saw women in hip-hop at the time.”

Ultimately, Ambrose took Missy’s look in a marshmallow-y direction, using a bicycle pump for full effect. “The written treatment came from Hype [Williams]. During that time, we were very in sync and he gave me such creative license,” Ambrose said. “When I first heard the treatment, and I said, ‘Michelin Man? That’s like a white marshmallow. Like some tire man? And I was like, there’s no way I’m going to make her into a white marshmallow.’ So this was my version of a black Michelin Man. I knew that I wanted it to feel kind of blob-ish.”

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