The infamous former MLB player went to reddit in 2013 to promote his new podcast, but his AMA quickly went awry when fans were less interested in asking him about his career and more interested in telling disturbing anecdotes about Jose’s rude behavior. “Hi Jose, I met you briefly at the LARP Awards,” a person wrote. “I asked you to sign my sword. You said, “&#^$ off, nerd.” Another asked him, “Why are you such a #^$#?”

However, the worst allegation came from a redditor who claimed to be Jose’s former neighbor. In his comment, he wrote that Jose once threatened to shoot his dog, which caused his parents to take the proactive approach and give the dog away. “I only hope the one day you realize what a horrible human being you have been and how poorly you have treated those around you and live with that guilt until you die lonely and miserable,” they wrote.

Jose ignored answering any serious questions and instead traded petty 6th grade-level insults with people, like telling someone, “I know u r but what am I.” Classy.

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