In case you didn’t know, Emma Chamberlain is a name that is synonymous with the world of YouTube. At just 17 years old, she has branded herself as an internet sensation after securing millions of followers and social media engagements from fans that only A-list celebrities dream of. 

The social media star started creating content for YouTube last year, and seems to have become an overnight success. Her videos, which showcase her funny and relatable personality, instantly became a hit with audiences around the world. Her content mostly consists of videos that she taped on her iPhone (before she bought a camera) walking fans through her everyday life. 

Emma has also capitalized on her success by posting videos with other YouTube stars. For example, she befriended beauty vlogger James Charles, as well as the comedic social media stars, the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson. These stars not only appear in each others’ videos, but you can also see the genuine friendship between the foursome. 

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However, some fans have speculated that there is more than friendship happening with Emma and one half of the Dolan Twin duo. 

So, is Emma dating Ethan Dolan?

Longtime fans of the YouTube stars are convinced that Emma and Ethan are in fact dating. Though the two have never confirmed or denied more than a platonic relationship, fans gathered up some internet proof that makes it seem as though the two are definitely an item. 

While Emma was being interviewed by Forbes’ Tom Ward in her Los Angeles apartment, fans noticed that there was a photo of Emma and Ethan hanging on the wall. In the photo, the two were shown hugging.

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Though hugging does not equal a full-blown romance, there is some other evidence to this dating rumor. Per their Instagram, the pair spent the 4th of July together, and Ethan even posted a picture of (girlfriend?) Emma. If you’re a Dolan Twin fan, you know that posting pictures on their social media with girls is something of a norm. 

While we may never know if the two are officially dating until one of them opens up about it on YouTube, we do know that their overall friendship is #goals!

Here’s why you also need to follow Emma Chamberlain on Twitter… 

If you think her YouTube videos are hysterical, than it is a must to follow Emma on Twitter. Not only does she engage with her fans on the platform, but you can see her having regular conversations with other social media stars.

What makes Emma different from the rest is that her personality really shines through on the app. Whether she’s cracking jokes about herself or commenting on something viral happening on the internet, you can always expect Emma to give her honest opinion, with a side order of comedy.

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How to dress like Emma Chamberlain

It’s no secret that Emma has made a brand off of being atypical. Her style is more tomboy than LA, and that’s why fans (and we) are obsessed! In her early videos, Emma would walk fans through her experience thrifting. 

For fall, Emma told Fashionista that she is really into the ’90s vibe. She loves wearing mom jeans, Nike socks, and Air Force 1 sneakers. Her style also speaks to her personality — easy-going. Basically, she loves to feel comfortable. “I’ve been really digging wearing either Doc Martens or Air Force 1s with a huge hoodie and shorts under it. It’s so comfortable,” she said. For all of her style inspiration, follow her Instagram, or visit her YouTube channel. She frequently posts videos related to her fashion and style.

What is Emma’s skincare routine?

In the today’s digital age, it’s common to see “picture perfect” content. What we mean is that everyone has flawless makeup, a killer wardrobe, a fitness model body, and amazingly clear skin. However, why fans love Emma is because she shows you her true self. She’s a 17-year-old girl, and doesn’t take to Photoshop to hide her insecurities. 

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Instead, she embraces her insecurities with her millions of fans. Like many teenagers, Emma has struggled with acne and has been open about using different creams and products to help clear her breakouts. Back in May, she revealed that she uses Curology, which after a few months helped to fight her breakouts. 

After only one year of posting YouTube videos, Emma is already one of the biggest stars. She creates content that not only speaks to fans on a personal level, but makes her feel like your best friend.

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