Shameless rip-offs exist in every industry and that’s because branding works. Oftentimes, manufacturers try to capitalize on the marketing dollars of a bigger corporation by offering a product or service that is close enough to what they’re selling. Consumers get the benefit of flexing like they’ve got the name thing for a lower price, and the knock-off brand gets that sweet bottom dollar.

But there’s an unintentionally hilarious side-effect of these knock-off brands: the ridiculous names that people come up with in order to avoid getting mercilessly slaughtered by corporate legal teams for copyright infringement.

Because these knock-off companies don’t have the kind of coin to cover licensing fees, they often come up with “creative” solutions to signal to their customers or unsuspecting buyers that they’re selling them a product from their beloved film, video game, comic book, or movie. 

A recent Twitter thread uncovered some of these Halloween gems that are absolutely hilarious. Enjoy.

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