Going to see your favorite celebs in their movies is nothing new. However, sometimes you’re so engrossed in the film that you never notice other A-list stars sneaking their way onto the big screen. Why, may you ask is a big-name celebrity signing on to make a small appearance in a film they’re not even staring in?

Celebrity surprise cameos are nothing out of the ordinary, but there are times when you mistake your favorite actor as just an extra. Sometimes, the makeup completely alters the actor’s face, and you never notice the person behind the prosthetics is actually bigger than the star of the movie. 

Usually, the best cameos are the stars you never even recognize. Take Matt Damon for example. He made a surprise appearance in Deadpool 2 in four hours worth of prosthetic makeup just to play a redneck talking about toilet paper. Keep scrolling for how he got the role and more celebrity cameos you definitely missed: 

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