I’ve never taken personal hygiene more for granted than when I became a father. Because there are some common practices and personal cleanliness rituals I’ve learned over time that you just expect other people to adhere to naturally.

Anyone who’s ever interacted with children will tell you right away that this isn’t the case, and kids have no problem with peeing in a bath they’re currently taking, licking toilet seats and subway poles, and generally just being nasty as heck.

But there are some “common” personal hygiene practices that we overlook on a daily basis. For example, I was shocked to learn from other kids in my class that they didn’t use water to clean their butts after they pooped, or they walked in their houses with their shoes or sat on their bed wearing their dirty, public transportation riding jeans. Thanks to this recent AskReddit post, there are tons more personal hygiene dos and don’ts that I’ve become aware of.

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