We have a lot of controversial dresses out there circulating on the Internet, but the funniest ones may be the dresses no one realizes are shocking until it’s too late. They’ve already been wearing them everywhere.

A poor, unsuspecting mom just found out she’s been traipsing around town in a dress that has probably been sending some unintentional messages. An Imgur user uploaded a pic of the offending garment in 2017, and it may take you a deeper look to understand what their mom was missing.

The image is captioned, “My mom has been wearing this summer dress for years and no one noticed the pattern until now….”


Don’t see it? Seems like a regular dress? Think of it like an optical illusion for NSFW imagery.

Let us enhance:


If you’re still not seeing it, you might want to go check your own closet immediately. Who knows what’s lurking in there.

But first, here’s the secret visual circled:


Wait, let me turn it right-side up:


Yup, those are sexy, presumably nude ladies resting amongst the innocent flowers. You have to wonder how many people noticed them luxuriating there as this mom went to dinner or the bank or church, and decided not to say anything. They just let it be a secret between them and the Dress.

It’s not clear if she kept wearing the dress after this discovery was made. It was obviously a favorite, but once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

It’s sort of like this dress posted by Facebook user School Mum in 2015, which has a very distinct graphic design. It seems less deliberate than whoever snuck those naked ladies in, but not less edgy:


You know what you’re looking at.

In a similar but less naughty vein, there’s this grandma who mistakenly wore the wrong flag shirt every Fourth of July for decades:

But better that than having your mom accidentally send you to school in a lewd shirt, like Shelly McCullar did.


Her son found a shirt in a box of hand me downs that he ended up wearing to school. It appears to have the McDonald’s logo on it, and their famous catchphrase: “I’m lovin’ it!”

Um, bad news is, that isn’t the McDonald’s logo. They’re a pair of legs. I’ll let you make your own connections.

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