Flying is often a nightmare experience, made more so by your fellow passengers who are struggling with their own personal hell in their seat. It’s rare that anything good comes out of this tension, but have hope: there is a literal airplane LOVE STORY circulating on the Internet right now, and it’s giving us all the courage to dream again.

Rosey Blair is an actress and writer who was flying from New York to Dallas with her boyfriend. They asked a woman if she would switch seats with Blair so they could sit together, and she obligingly agreed. That in itself is shocking. But what’s even better is that as she moved, Blair joked to her boyfriend that the woman might find love in her new seat partner.

Blair and her boyfriend followed what was happening in the seat in front of them with passionate interest, because it seemed as though passionate interest was unfolding before them.

Blair shared many updates of the rom-com developing before their astounded eyes. At first it was purely conjecture:

Though there were a few signals that these two were hitting it off:

And it seemed like everyone was invested in seeing these two work it out:

Blair’s followers were as compelled by the drama as she was:

And yeah, both our protagonists are hot.

And apparently he’s a personal trainer, so you know the hunkiness factor is not exaggerated:

Then the drink carts came, which is definitely the next step in a surprise airplane date. According to Blair, they didn’t order drinks—maybe things would have gone further if so. But they SHARED a cheese plate. Can you imagine sharing food on an airplane with someone you just met? Not as these prices!

Then they started shared family photos. This is like, third date stuff. I guess time moves faster on an airplane.

To get back to my thesis that flying on a plane is hell, Blair explained that the A/C was non-existent. It was hot on there, and not sexy hot. So why all this shoulder touching? Love!

Folks were following along from home and rooting for the potential couple:

Then there was a huge escalation: bathroom break.

But then we got to the serious part of the date. You know, when you talk about what you both want out of life, and if your goals are the same. Maybe someone is a hunky fitness instructor who you magically fall in love with on an airplane—but he’s not in a place to commit. Better to find that out before the plane lands.

But the plane did land, and like two creeps, Blair and her boyfriend followed them. We all needed to see this story come to its conclusion.

Blair also looked up the guy from the flight on Instagram, and damn. He hunky for real.

We may never know what happened to this couple, if Mr. Hunk decided to prioritize Seat-Switch Girl over fitness or not. But they may end up seeing themselves online, because Blair’s tweetstorm went viral. I guess people need to believe in love again. And we all enjoy invading people’s privacy on airplanes. They are hell! 

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