They’re kind of racist.

Now, we’re not including the family’s ties to the slave trade or their suspicious friendships with Nazis. For the sake of this article, we’re only focusing on the current generation of royals, and although they’ve modernized a lot over the years, there’s still been slight examples of shadiness. For example, Philip, famous for his many gaffes, once asked an Aboriginal Australian, “Do you still throw spears at each other?” He also told a group of British students in China, “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.

Princess Michael of Kent, who famously wore a racially-tinged blackamoor brooch when meeting Meghan for the first time, is also known for her offensive remarks. In 2004, she allegedly told a group of black diners, “Go back to the colonies.” When she tried to apologize, she simply made things worse. “To call me racist: it’s a knife through the heart because I really love these people,” she told ITV. “I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African, but because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black.”

But it’s not just the elders making a ruckus. While in the military, Prince Harry caused controversy in 2004 when he was caught on video saying “F–k me, you look like a raghead” to a fellow soldier.

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