25 Professional Cleaners Reveal All The Things People Forget To Wash In Their Homes

Chores are the worst. There’s never not been a time that they didn’t suck. Even if you lived in a household where your parents had some extra cash that they would give to you in the form of an allowance (I wasn’t that lucky) and would pay you to get your chores done, it doesn’t change the fact that chores absolutely suck.

And when you grow up and go out into the world and have your own place, the chores just keep mounting up. You’re doing all the laundry for your place. All the vacuuming. All the bathroom sanitizing. All the sponge replacing. All the dish washing and drying. Everything.

And because chores suck and you’re not exactly going out of your way to discover new ways to create more work for yourself in your home, you’re inevitably going to miss a few spots. Some key cleaning practices that require a bit more thinking to address. Otherwise, certain smells might accumulate in your home and grime starts to build up in places you would’ve never expected.

Thankfully, these people who clean homes for a living spilled the beans on the most common “spots” people miss washing in their homes on Reddit. Learn from their mistakes so you can add even more chores to your never-ending list of responsibilities. But hey, at least when you do sit down on your couch to binge watch The Office for the zillionth time, you’ll be doing it in a squeaky clean house.


Shower curtains need to be cleaned separately.


When I did housekeeping during college, I noticed that many people neglect to take down their shower curtains periodically for washing.

That’s the accumulation of body oils, fluids, etc that has splashed off your body. You can disinfect and make a bathroom sparkle, however, the stench off the ripe curtain…ick.



Your dishes might be clean, but your drying rack needs some sanitation.


The dish drying rack. I’ve never seen anyone with one that wasn’t fucking horrific looking.



People must think that the heat a microwave generates sanitizes them or something…it doesn’t.


I cleaned houses in college…clean your microwaves people.
Baseboards and windows are less disgusting, but more often neglected.



If you use something to clean something, then that thing needs to be cleaned, too.


Clean the things you use to clean other things.

Replace your kitchen sponge at least twice a month. Wash your towels weekly. Leave the door to your washing machine open after each cycle so it doesn’t mildew. You get the idea. If these things aren’t clean, it can manifest in big ways. Ever met one of those people who has a faint musty/sour smell even after showering? Chances are they’ve been using the same nasty bath towel for weeks/months and don’t notice the smell from it anymore.



Your washing machine has a drain tap. Use it.


FYI, on a lot of washing machines there is a drain trap that needs to be cleaned….not as much as the lint trap in your dryer but when you drain your water in a spin cycle, there is a place where it traps big gunk.

I found my friends and he never understood why his spin cycle didn’t seem to pull the water out of his clothes for like 5 years. Thing was rock solid crammed with crap and hair.



Unscrew your toilet seat to clear that horrors that lie beneath.


I learned about this when I was being trained to clean professionally…

You really need to take the toilet seat completely off every now and again – every 6 months minimum to clean the sludge that accumulates around the screws and fittings.

It’s really gross. Wear gloves.



Vacuuming your mattress is apparently a thing…and it makes total sense.


Here’s one people NEVER do but really should: vacuum your mattress. No, I’m not kidding. When you change your sheets you should vacuum that bitch so you can suck out whatever dead skin and crap have made their way down there. Also, we all know to wash the fitted sheet. But below that, mattresses sometimes have another removable cover, please wash that too.



Always check the hard to see places.


Coming from someone who is taller than average I’d like to mention that many people only clean to their eye level.



How often do you clean something multiple people touch multiple times a day?


Clean your light switch’s and door knobs they are always gross and people rarely clean them 



Same goes for this kitchen utensil



Bathroom walls.


Honestly? Even in the wealthiest of homes the bathrooms were an absolute nightmare. Grime so thick on the walls you could make an entire bar of soap out of it. Hard water stains were even harder. We had this fancy pumice stone that we’d use to scrub majority of it away. A lot of us would use toilet bowl cleaner on the entire bathroom. It had some really strong compounds that would just cut right through that stuff.



Have a fan over your oven? You might wanna take a look at it…


Not a pro but the one that always gets neglected is the extractor fan hood over your cooker. There are filters on there that need replacing (or just cleaning depending on the type) and if you don’t after about 6-12 months they turn into a fire hazard because they get saturated with grease. If you put your hand onto the flat underside of your extractor hood and it feels greasy and gross, that’s because it is. Clean that shit once in a while folks.



Fixtures, fixtures, fixtures.


People who are busy but wonder how it looks different when I do it, the finishing touches they miss are polishing or wiping down their kitchen bin, kettles and other shiny things on their counters. One job I struggle with is removing hair from a plug hole and as I rule, I don’t do it because i’ll spend the day heaving. People forget to clean their taps, door handles and light switches, yet they are probably the most used item.



As a rule, keep packs of these in your house.



Snot, snot everywhere.


If you have toddlers/short children – the entire inside perimeter of your house at the 2.5ft mark has a layer of snot encrusted dirt that’s built up over the years that you are most likely blind to by now. 



I don’t even remember the last time I cleaned these.


I have a house cleaner and she says the most neglected spots are doors and window frames. Both get pretty gross (especially white doors around the handle) but people don’t notice it until it’s pointed out 



This seems obvious…but most people don’t clean them.


Toilet brush and toilet brush holder. These just become a stew of poop particles if ignored. 



Gross flaps.


Garbage disposal flaps, black mold under there. Dishwasher filters, grossest things ever. 


Your fridge needs A LOT of work.


please clean your fridge, the amount of spilt food and crumbs that can build up in these is pretty disgusting!



Change your bedsheets every couple of weeks.


change your bed sheets more than once every few months.



Kitchen trash cans.


-inside of the kitchen bin, bleach it, scrub it – it’s vile but a necessary evil.



The old fork and knife and spoon repository.


give your cutlery drawer a clean today cause I guarantee none of you will have for years.



Bleach your bathroom once a month MINIMUM.


BATHROOMS NEED MORE THAN A SMALL WIPE ONCE EVERY FEW MONTHS YOU SHIT IN HERE AND THE BACTERIA GETS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! I’m talking full bleach every month and a proper wipe with flash with bleach and/or other cleaning sprays. Limescale builds up easily and fast and it’s a fucking pain to clean off when it gets bad so keep on top of it.



High temperature washes for bedroom linens.


Wash your towels and bed linen at high temperatures to kill bacteria. They won’t shrink like clothes will. 



Sinks needs bleach, too.


bleach your sink regularly too as it keeps it smelling fresh.


OK, well now you have no excuse to wallow in filth. Go forth and thrive in cleanliness!

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