When celebrities attend high profile events dressed to the nines, the last thing they want is for anything to spoil their red carpet photos. But sometimes certain things out of their control can do just that!

The plus-size model was wearing a stunningly long, red skirt and a matching top. But while she was in the midst of posing for photographers, she neglected to realize that a man had unwittingly stepped on a part of her very lengthy skirt.

As she attempted to walk away, with the guy’s foot still very much on the tip of the dress, the skirt ripped off in the most magnificent fashion. And when I say “magnificent”, I mean totally and utterly humiliating.

Russian model, Yulia Rybakova, suffered a pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at Cannes:

You see, at an event like the Cannes Film Festival, your first priority isn’t to celebrate the impressive variety of films being previewed, it’s about showcasing your ability to wow the crowds with your spectacular style.

You want to appear as effortlessly glamorous as possible. The thing is, many of these red carpet dresses are designed to be as revealing as possible without exposing anything “indecent”.

The designers really push the envelope, for instance, by cutting the fabric in such a way that it is literally millimeters away from exposing the wearer’s crotch.

Or in Yulia’s case by including an impossibly long (and thus easily trodden on) detachable skirt.

When the model’s skirt was ripped off, she was left half-naked, only with the matching top and a pair of panties to hide her modesty. Of course, the photographers took full advantage of the hilarious mishap by taking their fair share of snaps.

Luckily, for Yulia (although she probably wasn’t feeling so lucky at the time), the man who ripped the dress immediately offered his assistance. In what made for pretty bizarre viewing, he picks up the skirt, wraps it back around the model’s waist, and painstakingly tries to reattach it.

Fortunately, Yulia reacted to the awkward gesture with gratitude and humor.

While many people felt for the woman, others questioned whether the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, staged to further the model’s career. I mean, if it was entirely planned then fair play to her, because the hysterical footage has now gone viral.