When you’re a kid, the most important people in your life are your parents. They shape and mold you into the kind of people they want you to be and they instill values in you.

If you have a good set of parents, they’ll be the kind that you can rely on no matter what.  They’ll support you through tough times and encourage you to do what is that you’re passionate about.

Great parents are more than just “parents”, they go above and beyond to maintain the balance between being a guiding and authoritative figure and someone you see as a close friend.

The bond between a parent and their child is one of the greatest you can possibly forge in your lifetime.

Unfortunately, at some point, there comes a time where you have to accept that your parents aren’t going to be there every step of the way like they used to. Whether it’s because you’re going off to college or you’re moving in with a partner, saying goodbye to mommy and daddy is pretty much an inevitability.

Some people, however, are forced into this goodbye earlier than most.

Watch the moment a brother and sister are reunited with their father for the first time in three years:

Three years ago, Princess and Joshua Sayson, two kids from the Philippines, had to come to terms with the fact that their father, Mario, an electrical manager, was being sent abroad by his company. He was now an Overseas Foreign Worker in Doha, Qatar.

Princess and Joshua had an incredibly close relationship with their dad so the news was completely earth-shattering, but something they just had to cope with.

A whole three years after he left for the Middle Eastern country, Mario finally returned to Batangas City in the Philippines where his kids were living.

But there was a twist – he didn’t tell his kids he’d be coming back. He decided to make it the surprise of a lifetime. He concocted a scheme with his wife, Shellan, and they came up with a perfectly cunning plan. Mario would hide his face using a bandana and pretend to be a waiter at the restaurant that Shellan would take their children to for lunch.

“I asked the staff of the restaurant if I can use their venue to surprise my kids and they said yes, but while I was serving the food I couldn’t help but cry,” he said. “It was hard to keep calm and surprise them when I just wanted to hug them after so much time away.”

The whole encounter was filmed and the gripping video shows Princess and Joshua unwittingly eating the food that their disguised dad has served them.

When the kids finally clock on to the fact that their dad was mere inches away from them as they went about eating their meals, they react in a way that presumably even their father wasn’t expecting…