The fairer sex does not have it easy when it comes to sex. These days, people get their sex education primarily from porn, and, unfortunately, it’s only when we do it in reality that we discover what “normal” sex is like. That’s why communication is so important.

Straight women statistically have the fewest orgasms, and studies have shown that 75% can’t achieve an orgasm through penetration alone. If you’re a man and want to take your lady on a first class trip to Pleasure Town, you’re going to have to make foreplay your priority.

These are the 15 things women hate men doing during sex…

1. Confusing porn for real-life sex

Unless you’re a god amongst men, no babysitter or attractive college teacher is going to seduce you on the spot. As for penetration making a woman scream the house down, well, it doesn’t happen. Women’s skin isn’t always as smooth as dolphins either. Hair happens.

2. Pushing her head towards your penis

You might enjoy oral sex, but pushing your partner’s head towards your phallus isn’t going to entice her into sucking it. Don’t be aggressive. If a woman wants to pleasure you orally, she’ll do it in her own time, and there will be no risk of her biting your c*ck.

3. Stopping sex when you’ve orgasmed

Even if a woman is able to orgasm from penetrative sex, it’s more than likely that it will take her longer to climax than you. So if you orgasm before her please for the love of God don’t stop sex. You might be flaccid, but there’s plenty of things you can still do to give her the Big O.

4. Going straight for her clit

Congratulations! You know where the clitoris is! But don’t head straight for it. It’s one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body, and if you want to stand a strong chance of making your partner orgasm, you’ll need to tease her first. There’s no need to rush sex.

Another point worth noting is that every clitoris is different. You might have had a technique that drove your ex-girlfriend wild, but it has absolutely no effect on your new beau. So don’t be shy – ask your partner what she likes. She’ll thank you for it.