It takes two to tango, but it also takes two to tango successfully. Because, y’know, unless you’re trying for a sproglet, you’ll both want to ride the train to Pleasure Town. Whilst the Big O isn’t the be all and end all of sex, it’s what most people are aiming for.

Straight women statistically have the fewest orgasms, and the internet is awash with memes about men being unable to locate their magic beans and G-spots. However, it turns out that straight women do a lot of things that men hate during sex as well.

Good sex is essentially about communication. We’ve moved on from the days when masturbation and sex toys were taboo.

Now women are actively encouraged to be sexual goddesses and use this knowledge to give their man a helping hand. Literally and metaphorically. So get yourself that PornHub subscription you’ve been dreaming of and that diamanté vibrator you saw on Amazon.

These are the 10 things that men hate women doing during sex, and, to be honest, they’re fairly understandable.

1. Suggest watching porn together then getting jealous…

It’s no secret that men love to watch porn, and, in an attempt to spice things up in the bedroom, many women suggest to their partners that they should watch it together. This is all fine and dandy until they get jealous seeing him jerk off to another woman.

Flick the bean and join in yourself. Otherwise, you might as well suggest something else.

2. Screaming and moaning like a porn star

On the subject of porn, another thing that men absolutely hate women doing during sex is acting like a porn star and screaming their house down. Chances are they’ve got flatmates, and they don’t want them – or the neighbors – to hear everything.

Most men aren’t hung like racehorses, so stop acting like it.

3. Lying back like a dead starfish

During sex, a lot of women lie back and make absolutely no effort to thrust. For men, this isn’t fun, especially as it gives them the impression that their partner isn’t into the act at all. They might as well be humping a sex doll.

So thrust away like the goddess you are. It burns calories to boot.

4. Peeing and not wiping before oral sex

A lot of women complain that men don’t like to give them oral sex, and, whilst that’s true of some guys, if your man is willing to lick your special bean like an ice cream, do him the common courtesy of making sure that’s it clean.

We don’t drink our urine for a reason, and it’s a real turn off. Same goes for men. Just wash down there.