There are few creatures harder to please than humans. It doesn’t matter how good we’ve got it, we will always want more.

One area that is particularly problematic for the human species is the physical appearance. We are a breed obsessed with perfection, a look which can only be achieved by going under the knife.

However, to each individual, the idea of ‘perfectionism’ is very different.

For some, it can be defined by a plump Jenner-inspired pout, for others, physical perfection relies on a blossoming bosom or a toned torso. For Luis Padron, perfection is a pair of pointy ears and a crystal clear complexion.

The 26-year-old from Buenos Aires believes that to be perfect, he needs to transform himself into an elf-like alien.

Every day Padron will spend two hours applying layers of makeup to his face in order to achieve his look, which has been enhanced over the years by $60,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

The Argentinian-native, who calls himself the “Plastic Prince”, has had 40 different procedures to help him morph into a “fantasy being”, including surgery to make his naturally curved ears more pointy.

In addition, he has changed his eye color six times, had two nose jobs and had fillers inserted into his whole face. More recently, he had his entire jawline reshaped to help give him more of a pixie-like structure to his face.

See the results of his dramatic transformation in this video…

In the future, he plans to have an Adam’s apple reduction, a facelift, another nose job, more fillers and a procedure to elongate his eyes. Oh, and he wants to add some fangs to his teeth.

Whilst Padron’s look is highly unconventional, it has garnered him quite a large following online. With 50,000 loyal fans on Instagram, it is clear that his unique appearance isn’t completely alienating the rest of society.

Besides, even if it was, Padron doesn’t care. He was born this way and he’s happy to flaunt his peculiar style to the world.

It’s certainly a look like no other, but who are we to condemn him for following his fantasy dreams? Each to their own, but I think I will just adopt the elf ears at Halloween!