There are plenty of liars in the world; people who for no reason at all feel the need to make up lies and fabricate their own totally spurious versions of the truth, seemingly for their own benefit or entertainment. Interacting with these habitual falsifiers usually does nothing to dissuade them from outright inventing details, from exaggerating, manipulating and fibbing with all the instincts of a low-rent con-man. I had a friend who was like this: someone who tried to convince me that being hit with a paintball was as dangerous as being knocked over by a car and that Daft Punk had once addressed him personally at a concert attended by thousands of people.

On social media, these kinds of serial perjurers are more common than hydrogen and spend their days typing twaddle and peddling poppycock online, trying to aggrandize or impress their friends. These people are universally annoying, so that’s why it’s always so satisfying to see them caught out and exposed publicly.

1. That’s a picture-perfect rendition 

2. I don’t think we needed an IQ test for this girl 

3. This is just cringeworthy

4. You need to back up a negative brain

5. Amateur historians on Tumblr