Nobody likes a runny nose, especially when it’s persistent or due to allergies and just won’t go away. However, having a runny nose for over two years is extreme, but for one woman named Kendra Jackson, that’s exactly what happened.

Jackson had been suffering from a constantly dripping and runny nose. She knew something more was going on than having a cold or suffering from allergies. However, no doctor would take her seriously. It wasn’t until this year that Jackson finally received the medical attention she needed.

To see the surgery it resulted in, check out the video below:

“When it first started out, I just thought it was my allergies or a runny nose, like the beginning of a fresh cold,” Jackson said. “When it didn’t go away, I kept going back and forth to the doctors, and they prescribed every kind of medicine you can think of, and my nose just kept on running.”

It was eventually revealed that Jackson was suffering from a cerebrospinal fluid leak caused by a small hole in her skull. The hole may have been caused by a car accident Jackson was involved in two and a half years earlier, where she suffered some minor head trauma.

Cerebrospinal fluid (or CSF) is a clear fluid that surrounds the brain. It protects both the brain and spinal cord and helps to remove any waste materials while distributing nutrients and other substances to the central nervous system.