They say that not all heroes wear capes and Jeremie Nix is evidence of that. The K9 detective is being worshipped in his hometown of Ocala, Florida after he saved an infant child’s life.

Nix, who was off-duty at the time, leaped into action on Wednesday when he saw a white sedan in need of help. As he approached the stricken vehicle he discovered a scene that would shock most ordinary people. Inside the vehicle were a frantic mother and an unresponsive three-month-old baby.

Rather than freeze to the spot and wait for the paramedics to arrive, Nix launched into action – saving the life of baby Kingston in the process.

Watch his incredible actions here and try not to shed a tear…

The scene is every mother’s worst nightmare, but thanks to the heroic actions of K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix, this story has a happy ending.

In fact, doctors at Ocala Regional Medical Center have even gone as far as to say that baby Kingston wouldn’t be alive today if Nix hadn’t have responded the way he did.

Acknowledging the brave actions of their deputy, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department posted an update on their Facebook page in which they declared that they “are tremendously proud of Deputy Nix” before going on to add that Nix and “Baby Kingston will have a deep connection that will last a lifetime!!”

The dash cam footage of Nix’s life-saving response has since gone viral online, attracting more than 260,000 views. As a result, Nix has been flooded with messages of support from all corners of the globe.

Many are calling for the quick-thinking deputy to be promoted, or given a pay rise. But whilst that will no doubt be a welcomed reward, we expect that Nix is just happy knowing that he saved somebody’s life.

Hopefully, baby Kingston and Nix will share a close bond, for they both certainly are heroes in their own special way! Nix for his actions and Kingston for his fighting power to survive!

Let’s hope that Nix doesn’t have to respond to another incident like this whilst off-duty, it’s safe to say that he deserves a break!