Why is it that the best things in this world always seem to be found at yard sales?

Is it just because the people of this world are lazy when it comes to caring for their valuables? Or, is it just because this world has so many priceless items that sometimes there isn’t room enough for it all to be recognized?

Who knows? All I do know is that I have sifted through my loft and found nothing of any significant value – or maybe I have, but my uneducated eyes are unable to see the gold amongst the dust.

That was exactly what happened to one family in Des Moines, Iowa. The McEntree’s were clearly wanting to rid their home of unwanted junk that had been collected over the years. But rather than throwing it away, they thought they’d try and sell it in a yard sale – and I bet they’re happy they did!

For had they not, they may never have met Bruce Scapecchi, a flea market and yard sale fanatic, who happened to stumble upon something with huge historical significance and value.

In this video, Bruce explains what he found and how he knew it was a priceless piece…

The McEntree family were happy to sell the battered baseball bat for a mere $1 before Bruce enlightened them to its true worth.

Suddenly the McEntrees’ yard became the setting for a unique episode of Antiques Roadshow.

However, rather than cash in on the find, the McEntree plan to keep the bat. They feel like they can’t part with it now that they know the truth.

Maybe one day in the future they will, by which point it may have increased in value.

But until then, they plan to keep it as a reminder to ALWAYS check the background of any item they sell at a yard sale!

Who knew they were sitting on such treasure?!

Maybe you are too, or maybe you have already sold something that could have made you a tidy fortune without any clue.

But there is no point beating yourself up about a missed opportunity to become a millionaire. Maybe we should all take a little time to be more like Bruce, and travel around yard sales hunting for important items!