Since the dawn of time, all everyone has wanted to know is what women want. There have been films, scientific studies and endless books on the matter, and still, people believe the answer is a total mystery.

But in actual fact, the bigger question is: what goes through a man’s mind? They claim to be pretty straightforward characters, but is that really the case?

One Reddit user came close to discovering the truth when she bravely asked men to say exactly what they think about queefing. It was a brave question, and one that the men of Reddit didn’t hesitate in answering.

Speaking of queefing, check out this woman who can do it on demand:

So, if you’re curious about what goes through your significant other’s mind when you queef mid-act, then read on…

1. Laughing during sex isn’t advisable, but… 

“Doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I giggle cause I am a man child.” – @FudgingWork

2. You get out what you put in, literally…

“I don’t care about queefing at all. Absolutely think nothing of it. If it happens, it’s because good things were happening so I can hardly be mad, upset, or grossed out by it.” – @G_o_o_d_n_a_s_t_y

3. The psychology of queefing

“Absolutely non-issue for me as well. Honestly, any guy who would be turned off by it or make you feel uncomfortable even the slightest bit is just immature in my opinion.

“Also any guy who’s had sex and loves doggy (almost all us) accepts it. I’m 31 now but I feel like when I was younger it would be an ego boost for me if she did queef lol kind of like a validation that I f*cked her good. I know weird..” – @TallDarkNHandsomeee

4. How to use queefing to help you find true love

“I’d feel like a total douche if I ever gave someone a hard time about queefing. That’s about as low as giving someone a hard time about having foreskin, or breast size or something. That’s like saying ‘hey, thanks for letting me penetrate your body and cause this issue in the first place, but just wanted to let you know that I find something that’s totally benign to be gross. Just an FYI.’.

“Consider it instead to be a good way to filter out shitty guys from your life. If I was a girl and a guy gave me a hard time about this, I’d strongly consider dumping them.” – @DrumpfEatsVladGooch

5. A girl’s perspective

“I’ve queefed a couple times when doing it with my significant other and although I personally feel embarrassed, he doesn’t mind it at all…

“We eventually laugh it off and continue on. We’re both old enough to understand how queefs work and what causes it, but it’s only me who has a reaction on it.” – @alandath

6. The diplomatic answer

“We put the air in there. Not fair to be upset when it comes out.” – @CelticRockstar

7. Queef on demand

“It’s definitely a kink of many many men. I personally love it. My significant other felt the same as you. I told her i loved it, now she will queef during doggy for me if I really want it.” – @oPiE9985

8. A sign of your appreciation

“Any good lover that’s into pleasing and f*cking you well, is not gonna care if you queef. In fact, to a lot it’s a turn on. “ – @Clem-Cone

9. Just go with it

“My man doesn’t mind it at all… he always tells me, ‘that pussy just talkin to me.’ I always feel slightly ‘ehh’ about it, but if he doesn’t care, then I don’t lol.” – @twinnietower

10. Maybe it’s best if we don’t know what men are thinking…

“What? Pu**y kisses being blown my way? Yes please!” – @APaulo84

11. Each to their own

“Never bothered me. Was kind of a turn on the few times it’s happened.” – @ScoleriBrother

12. Cut him off!

No and if you’re with a guy and it does bother him he’s probably not worth your time anyway…” – @Gotataila

So, do you think you are a little closer to understanding what it is that men think? Because whilst they may be unanimous on the topic of queefing, there is still a lot of bases left to cover!