There are very few people in this world who aren’t guilty of having stolen candy from a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand. I am not talking about a whole bag of sugary goodies, but one rogue gumdrop here and there, or an errant Jelly Baby, can’t hurt right?

Of course, there are very few crimes that can compete with pinching Pick ‘n’ Mix with regard to pettiness. Or, so you would have thought.

Incredibly it appears that there are people willing to go lower than you thought physically possible in order to steal a sweet treat.

Take these two women, for example. The less-than-dynamic duo from Russia were caught in a rather compromising position by a supermarket security camera when they used a unique method to steal bags of sweets.

You won’t believe where they put them…

The two women, dressed in loose-fitting summer dresses, are captured brazenly stuffing sweets into a rather intimate location as they browse the supermarket.

In a very unsubtle move, one woman even bends down in a squat to squeeze the snacks into her underwear. Unhappy with how the object has settled, she can be seen trying to rearrange it in a shockingly casual manner.

The theft wasn’t spotted by staff at the store, but rather security who were dumbfounded by what they saw when watching the Moscow store’s surveillance footage back.

Local media reports that the two women are still at large, but they hope that by releasing the outrageous footage they will be able to locate the petty criminals.

It is not clear why, of all the things they could have got their hands on, the women chose to steal sweets. It is even less clear as to whether they went on to eat their swagged snacks – hopefully not!

The women may not yet realize what celebrities they have become as the security clip circulates around the globe, attracting a great deal of attention. Maybe online fame was their plan all along?

So next time you indulge in an extra gummy bear at the Pick ‘n’ Mix stand, think about this and remember that it’s not at all cool or classy!