Anyone who has worked in customer service before – and most of us have done that at some point in our lives – will know that the well-known saying, “the customer is always right” is total garbage.

Customers aren’t always right. In fact, they’re often the ones in the wrong.

Whether it’s because they’re insisting on something that their server has no control over, or whether it’s because they’re picking fights unnecessarily, customers can be total douchebags.

Well, this particular story is about a delivery guy who was undeniably wronged by his spiteful customers. So much so that the internet got behind him and decided to fight his corner:

Workers at a car dealership in Massachusetts rang up Palace Pizza and ordered $42 worth of pizzas.

Jarrid Tansey, the delivery guy, arrived at the company and was given $50 with two $20s and two $5s.

He assumed, as most people would, that the remaining change – which was made up of seven dollars and a few coins – was his tip and so left with the cash in tow.

However, by the time Jarrid arrived back at Palace Pizza, his manager informed him that one of the employees at the dealership had called and demanded that he return to the company with their change.

Of course, Jarrid promptly returned to the dealership but as soon as he got there he received undeniably awful treatment from the spiteful employees. Their treatment of the delivery guy was captured on security camera and soon went viral, with viewers from all over the world condemning the employees for how they dealt with the situation.

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” he tells them. “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

Following a very regrettable and unnecessary exchange, Jarrid attempts to leave the office only to be taunted even further.

In fact, one female employee can be seen following him and trying to intimidate him by saying “Out the door before I put my foot in your a**!” The nasty remark makes her co-workers erupt into cruel laughter.

Once the damning clip hit the web and became viral, viewers couldn’t help but share their outrage at the incident. In fact, many sought justice for Jarrid by trying to reclaim his well-deserved tip. One person even set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the wronged delivery guy.

The target was set at $35,000 a few years ago, but is currently only on $31,675 – meaning Jarrid still hasn’t received his tip!

So let’s get Jarrid back in the spotlight and let’s finally get him the money this man deserves!

It just goes to show that treating people like sh*t will not win you any favors…