Deciding to go on a nationally televised quiz show is a brave choice. You’re essentially telling the millions of viewers watching that you were so damn confident in your intelligence and general knowledge, that you thought you’d definitely stand a chance of walking away with the top prize. And very often the prize is money.

Shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Chase make it seem so easy to become rich in overnight – all you have to do is answer a few simple questions correctly. How are can that be?

Well – as this couple found out – very.

Aired in the UK, the Million Pound Drop show is their version of the US’ Million Dollar Money Drop which aired on FOX. The show follows the exact same format, which sees two contestants asked a question with four possible answers. They can then split £1 million ($1.35 million) in cash between these choices, putting more money on the answer(s) they’re more confident on. The only rule is that that must leave one answer completely free.

After every question, any money they bet on the correct answer is carried through to the next round, and any money wagered on the incorrect answers is lost.

If the couple can answer the eighth question correctly, any money they have left is theirs to keep.

And like many quiz shows, the Million Pound Drop opens with a very simple question with one obvious answer to warm up the viewers and contestants.

But for contestants Gareth and Alex, they failed to see just how simple the answer to their first question was after misreading the very easy question.

The couple had one minute to answer the question: “Justin Timberlake won an award in October [2010] for helping to protect what?”

The options were:  “Friend With Benefits”, “Trouser Snakes”, “The Environment” or “Sexy Backs”?

Easy right? Well…

Watch the couple make a monumental cock-up in the video below :

Seconds after incorrectly reading through the question, Alex assures Gareth that she is 100% certain of the answer. In fact, she was quite literally £1,000,000 certain.

Even host Davina McCall repeatedly reads out the question, in an attempt to get them to see the error of their ways. But it wasn’t enough, and they even asked Davina to stop the one-minute countdown clock early – because they were so certain of the answer.

What makes this quiz fail even more hilarious and cringe-worthy than all the others out there on YouTube is because it wasn’t just a simple wrong answer. Alex was SO DAMN CERTAIN she knew the answer to a SUCH AN EASY question, that she forced them both to watch £1 million in cash fell away forever, along with all their hopes and dreams.