One of the most disturbing clichés in popular culture is the fantasy that many young pupils have of sleeping with an attractive teacher. So common is this fantasy that it’s been depicted time and time again on the big and small screens and in adult movies. The reality, however, is disturbing.

Teachers must undergo a series of strict background checks before they are deemed fit to work with children. Clichés aside, fantasies should remain fantasies for hormonal pupils, and no adult should ever willingly grant them. Doing so is not only illegal but morally inexcusable.

To discover how a teacher granted her 14-year-old pupil’s Snapchat request for sex, check out the video below:

The latest teacher to hit the headlines for this act is 32-year-old Jessica Langford who slept with a 14-year-old boy she described as a “stud”.

The former married maths teacher worked at Miamisburgh Middle School in Ohio, and during her tryst with her pupil, she showed him a photograph of her giving oral sex to her husband – a picture which the now 15-year-old said made him feel “awkward”.

Langford’s victim “described his relationship with Mrs. Langford as closer than other teachers”, according to the Metro.