Model Ashley Graham has always been a spokesperson for body positivity for people of any size. The plus-size 30-year-old has been showing the world, one photo at a time, that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

She has previously been on the cover of Maxim, as well as Elle, Vogue, and Glamour, and has modeled for many high profile clients, including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Elomi Lingerie.

She’s been an advocate for curvy women everywhere, and even challenged Victoria’s Secret to include bigger women in their campaigns. Now, Graham has also created her own lingerie line for Canadian plus-size retailer Addition Elle.

Now, she’s totally rocking swimsuits as she promotes her latest collection by Swimsuits For All. However, there’s a catch. Instead of using the perfect lighting, airbrushing techniques, and computer touchups that are common with modeling shoots, Graham is going all natural.

Check out her raw and all natural beauty in this video, advertising the new Swimwear For All collection. Retouched or not, you can’t possibly deny that she isn’t still unbelievably sexy:

Yes, that’s right. She is actually using the raw, unedited paparazzi shots of herself to promote this new line, and while she’s at it, she’s promoting body positivity, too.

Graham looks absolutely smoldering despite being able to see some cellulite or creases in her skin. She proves there is no need to smooth every blemish or disguise invisible fats bumps. Real women, with all of their flaws, are sexy. Full stop.

No one actually looks like those perfect, airbrushed models in the magazines, and it’s hurting people’s self-esteem and setting unrealistic expectations for both women and men. No one can live up to the glossy images in the magazines and it’s about time a model showed just how beautiful women are naturally.

Graham has been posting the images to her Instagram account. All of the swimsuits in the collection retail for less than $100 and have a chic retro style. The designs were inspired by 1920s fashion and the women who made history at that time.