We all aim for a sense of comfort and familiarity in our relationships. When you’ve reached the point where you can be in total silence with someone without it feeling awkward, you’re pretty much there.

Yes, feeling 100% comfortable with a partner can get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, but there is such a thing as being too comfortable with your other half. This is especially the case if you’ve been together a long time, as is the case for one inspirational couple called Jo and Kevin Taylor.

They were just kids when they first met, all the way back in 1967, and the loved-up couple has been together ever since. At the tender age of 14, Jo knew from the very beginning that her boyfriend, two years her senior, was the person she was destined to be with.

And the feeling was mutual – Kevin absolutely adored his teenage sweetheart and knew that she was the girl he would eventually settle down with and marry. Incredibly, it’s been almost half a century since then, and the pair are still just as crazy about each other.

They’ve been living together as a married couple for an incredible 49 years and during this time they had five beautiful children together. And now they have 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and counting.

Watch as the pair get a phenomenal and life-changing makeover:

And aside from the many kids it has spawned, many things have changed over the course of their marriage.

However, one thing that has pretty much remained exactly the same throughout their relationship is their style. Considering how much they enjoy riding in Kevin’s Harley-Davidson motorbike, it wasn’t long before they started dressing the part. They typically wear very baggy clothing and Kevin has long hair and a long beard.

But when the Today Show’s Ambush team suggested that they come on the show and be given a whole new makeover, they agreed.

The team worked incredibly hard to transform the pair and as a result, Jo was flabbergasted at what she saw staring back at her in the mirror – she felt more beautiful at that moment than she ever had before.

“Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? That’s not even me. Who is that?” she exclaimed upon seeing her new look for the first time. “Oh, I look absolutely gorgeous!”

But that’s nothing compared to how she reacted when she saw Kevin for the first time since his makeover. She revealed that she had been trying to get him to cut his beard for 20 years, but he never did. He now had a much shorter, much neater beard.

Their transformation, along with the sweet story of their relationship, is totally inspiring and heartwarming. We wish the couple the best of luck for their future and hope their love for each other continues to grow with each passing year.