It goes without saying that working as a doctor in an emergency room is definitely not a job for someone who gets stressed out by the sight of blood. It’s as gory a job as it gets, and the very nature of it means that quick-thinking is not just a beneficial quality but could end up saving someone’s life.

You have to constantly be on your guard and prepared to work your hardest to ensure vulnerable patients have the best possible chance of recovery.

Dr. Heilbron was pretty overwhelmed during this particular night at the hospital in San Pedro, California. He was on his own while tending to a gunshot victim in critical condition and another patient whose small intestines were outside his body! Things couldn’t possibly have gotten any more hectic for the doctor, or at least that’s what he thought.

Check out Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. incredible story from that night in the Emergency Room:

At some point in the night, he heard a loud scream from a woman in labor. Dr. Heilbron then heard another doctor frantically running down the hallway as speedily as he could.

From the way she was positioned in the delivery room, with her legs up in the air, she was very clearly in agony.

The second doctor, who remained unnamed throughout the story, quickly ran up to the pregnant woman’s bed, jumped on it and caught the baby which practically flew out.

“The baby comes flying out and he catches the baby,” Dr. Heilbron recalls. “Now he’s just this immaculately-dressed emergency room physician covered in afterbirth, blood, fluid, feces, urine, and god knows what else.”

“I’m standing in the midst of this, looking around in a circle, all of us are looking at each other like okay nobody’s going to believe this.”

Stories like these really hit home just how incredible doctors are – as if we didn’t know that already. I mean, the way the doctor arrived at exactly the right time and place to catch the flying baby, you’d think he was some kind of psychic…