Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not only one of the most successful men in existence but also one of the most likable.

The former wrestler is a ten-time world champion and has also forged an extremely successful career for himself in show business. He’s starred in huge blockbusters such as Moana and The Fast and the Furious franchise and was even ranked the highest-paid actor on the planet in 2017.

He’s that lovable, humble guy that you always root for and feel happy for when he churns out another impressive achievement.

One of the greatest things about the wrestler-turned-actor is that he’s always shown a huge amount of dedication for his fans:

In fact, Johnson often reaches out to his fans to talk about personal stories and struggles he has faced throughout his life.

Now the “The People’s Champ” has done something extraordinarily special for one self-professed superfan.

Who is this superfan, you ask? Well, her name is Katie Kelzenberg, and she is a senior at Stillwater Area High School in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.