Alarming gun-related incidents in recent years have made US citizens more afraid of finding themselves in life-threatening situations than ever before. However, this fear will not stop the boldest of heroes from taking down criminal gunmen in order to keep everyone safe.

The dramatic scenes unfolded in Monterrey, a Mexican city close to the Texan border, and are evidence of the fact you should never mess with a man in a cowboy hat or a butcher’s outfit.

So the first hero in the story is the man in a cowboy hat who is standing near the counter when the would-be thief takes out a gun that he had hidden in his navy hoodie and directs it at the woman behind the cash register.

The gunman then flashes his weapon at the seemingly nonplussed cowboy who doesn’t flinch for a single moment. Instead, he calmly removes his sunglasses and seems ready for action.

Video footage has captured a fierce battle between a couple of heroes and an armed robber at a Carnes Cares convenience store:


The attacker, who has not yet been identified, then turns his attention to a different customer, pointing his gun in the victim’s direction.

The cowboy immediately takes action and tackles the man from behind, causing him to drop his gun to the ground.

The bold man wrestles with the attacker out of the view of the CCTV cameras, and in the meantime, a butcher runs to the gun, still lying on the ground, and picks it up.

However, the robber apparently thought he had come well prepared because we then see him with a knife, but at this point, it is clearly redundant as he is heavily outnumbered.

Then, in what could be a scene from a Hollywood action thriller, the cowboy and thief are both back in the shot. The criminal had somehow managed to lose his shirt in the fight and then, realizing that he is in over his head, attempts to escape. However, then a third man, also a butcher, rolls into the scene and tackles the robber in an epic scene of good prevailing over evil.

With three men on his case, the attacker doesn’t stand a chance – it just goes to show crime really doesn’t pay.