After Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, you’d like to think that there isn’t any safe place left for inappropriate predatory behavior to thrive.

It’s 2018, so isn’t it time that everyone had a little more respect for women? It’s time that those in the world who think they can manhandle a woman are kicked to the curb. Not literally, because you can’t fight abuse with violence.

Well, maybe just a little. Watch these kick-ass women prove that the fairer sex shouldn’t be messed with…

One woman who had no choice but to bite back is Leanna Carr, who found herself the unwitting victim of a sexual assault whilst on holiday in Dublin, Ireland.

The 26-year-old from Fort Collins, Colorado, was innocently exploring the streets of the city when she felt a rogue hand on her butt.

Then, she felt an instant surge of rage as her attacker crooned, “You’re an American, you probably liked it.”

For most women in a similar situation, there is only one way to respond: shrink into one’s self and hope the threat goes away.