Exploration of urban spaces, particularly abandoned or derelict buildings, has become quite popular on YouTube and Instagram. So when urban explorers Cody, Steve, John, and Josh heard about an abandoned hospital in Hong Kong, they decided to pay the location a visit.

Despite being used to discovering strange things in forgotten spaces, they were not prepared for what they were about to find in the derelict Hong Kong Central Hospital.

Check out the disturbing exploration below:

This particular hospital has controversial origins. In order to prevent doctors from leaving to work on the mainland, the church provided the land to build the medical institution. However, Hong Kong has a high abortion rate, and 60% of the city’s terminations took place at the hospital.

That’s approximately 6,000 abortions per year. The church tried to deny what was happening, but the secret couldn’t be kept.

In 2012, the hospital closed and while many pieces of equipment and furniture were sold off, much of the remanents of daily life and death at the location remained completely intact.