Obesity in children may have become an epidemic in so many countries, though rarely do you see such extreme cases that kids are forced to go under the knife to lose the weight. This is exactly what happened to two young sisters in India who became so obese that they required bariatric surgery in a last-ditch effort to save their lives.

To learn more about Rameshbhai and his family’s struggles, click the video below.

The sisters, eight-year-old Yogita and six-year-old Amisha, weighed a whopping 308 lbs between them. Their breakfast consisted of chapatis and six bananas each, followed by three bowls of curry and over a pound of rice for lunch.

Supper was mostly a bunch of junk food. The sisters would eat six bags of chips, five packages of cookies, a dozen bananas, a liter of milk and a liter of cola each day.

It’s no wonder the girls first made international headlines a few years earlier when it was reported they weighed 100 lbs and 70lbs each.

Now, as their weight has climbed, their father Rameshbhai says he struggles to feed them. The family lives in rural India and Rameshbhai is a laborer who earns just $50 per month.