Move over Angelina! Brad Pitt’s got a new girlfriend and she’s quite possibly the most amazing woman in the world. Not only is his new squeeze “the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on” but she’s also incredibly intelligent and accomplished, too.

Her name is Neri Oxman and she’s an award-winning architect and professor originally from Israel.

The 42-year-old divorcee received her Ph.D. in Design Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she now teaches in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning Media Lab.

But what would Angelina think? Listen to Brad talk about his ex-wife for the first time since their very public divorce…

Oxman is known by her graduate students as the “rock star” professor, and in 2014 she was an honoree in Carnegie’s Pride of America, which celebrates accomplished American immigrants. She even has her own TED talk called Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology.

Oxman has more brains than all of Pitt’s previous girlfriends combined and her accomplishments certainly outdo Angelina’s. By comparison, Oxman is the outstanding winner and this has some people discussing a new phenomenon dubbed the “Amal effect” after George Clooney’s wife, Amal.

It seems men are no longer content with just beauty, and are seeking strong, intelligent, accomplished, and professionally passionate women.

George Clooney, for example, who could have had any woman he wanted, fell in love with a successful and renowned international human rights lawyer in Amal Clooney.