In the modern world, we are taking more pictures than ever before. Almost every electronic device we own contains a camera of some sort. While most of the pictures we take are thoroughly unremarkable, when it’s a special occasion, most of us like to get creative.

And let’s face it, few occasions are more special than pregnancy announcements. They are a chance for soon-to-be parents to show off their growing bump to friends and family, having them eagerly guess at the gender and name of their imminently arriving bundle of joy.

Check out the video below to see 30 of the most awkward pregnancy announcements in history:

However, not all pregnancy announcements are created equally. Now that maternity photoshoots are commonplace, people are adopting the overused generic poses in even the most creative of photoshoots, something which has been hilariously parodied by men with beer bellies!

So, without further ado, here are 20 of the greatest beer belly maternity photos in existence…

1. Nothing can compare to a mother’s love

Or this guy’s beer belly pride. Brewed with love indeed!

2. You’ll always be safe in my arms

My gigantic and ever so healthy beer belly.

3. Pregnancy is a magical experience

And so is drinking your way to a beer belly.

4. Expectant moms are at one with nature

Middle-aged men with beer bellies? Not so much.