If you have ever noticed something that seems to suggest that someone is being mistreated or, even worse, in total danger, it can be extremely difficult to decide what action to take.

However, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts because you could potentially save a life in the process.

Learn how this trucker saved a young girl from a life of absolute misery: 

Back in January 2015, truck driver Kevin Kimmel pulled into a gas station in New Kent County, Virginia, and stumbled upon something he just couldn’t ignore.

Kimmel described the scene as relatively quiet with very few passersby, however, recalls that there was a “kind of unusual” RV parked nearby which caught his attention.

“The thing that stuck out was that this was an old RV with black curtains which wasn’t very family-ish,” he said.

He then noticed a young woman sitting behind a dark curtain in the RV; she appeared to be in danger.

“An older RV, black curtains — in my world, that’s not natural,” the trucker told WTVR.

Kimmel watched as a man approached the vehicle, knocking before entering. He described how the vehicle then rocked back and forth, after which a young girl appeared from behind the curtain before suddenly disappearing.

Kimmel decided to do what he could and called the police and ultimately saved a young stranger’s life.

“I’m just happy I helped her,” he said. “I’ve got daughters.”

When the police arrived at the scene, they brought the girl, a sex trafficking victim, to safety.

A man and a woman, also in the vehicle, were both arrested at the scene.

Hopefully, this story will serve as a reminder that we should always listen when our instincts tell us that something isn’t quite right.

We cannot commend Kimmel enough for taking the appropriate action by notifying the police about his suspicions. Sex trafficking is totally and utterly abhorrent but unfortunately occurs far too often and all over the world.

We wish any victims the absolute best for their recovery.